It’s time to dig out your best sneakers or cleats because wall ball is the most action-packed game of the season and it’s coming to a home town field near you! Whether you are competing on the turf or in an urban jungle, the competition is fierce and fast-paced. If you like sports and smashing your way through obstacles then wall ball will have you entertained for hours on end! Visit wallballapp.com today to sign up for the next competition!

Choose from your favorite sports as you compete in cut-throat, wall-smashing races! There are dozens of balls that represent you as you challenge competitors and bully your way to stardom! Choose from popular favorites, like: basketball, soccer, volleyball, football, baseball, and tennis or go with some lesser-known sports, like: bowling, ping pong, cricket, golf, or billiards. If you really want to go crazy, choose from balls, like: beach balls, balloons, a golden volleyball, or marbles! For superstars that have the munchies, take your chances smashing things, like: cabbages, oranges, and apples against the brick walls! The possibilities are mind-blowing and fueled by your own imagination! Each zany ball has its own unique personality and appearance from loopy, google-eyes to an intense, athletic stare!


Once you decide which character you would like to represent you, it’s time to choose a field! There are many exciting walls to smash your ball against so you’ll never get bored with the scenery. Choose from bright and vivid backgrounds like a theme park or a circus. Become a hero at the local soccer field or sporting arena. Have a relaxing day near the ivy-covered brick wall or urban street. Get medieval on your enemies at the castle, or choose from several other enticing options! All of the backdrops are well-lit, brightly colored, and most importantly, really, really fun! If you have some free time on your hands, download this stunning app with irresistible characters at wallballapp.com, today!


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